Family…. What does it mean?

   Family, what does this word mean? With the holidays getting closer it is a good word to question and try to figure out. Well, in my experience it is not the people that you are related to. For they can and possibly will not be there when you need them. They may talk about you behind your back, call you names, or just act like you don’t exist. One of the worst feelings in the world is to be let down by the people that are supposed to love and protect you. 

   In my opinion the word family should be rethought and a new definition should be born. Family should be the people that really care. The ones that listen when you are sad and care if your feelings are hurt. Family is not about who’s bloodline you share, but about who will be there when you really need them. The fact that someone shares the same family as you does not mean they care about anyone other than themselves. 

   So, with this in mind rethink who you want to consider your family. Be with the ones that will give back what you put out this holiday season. I have been lucky enough to have a boyfriend with a wonderful family that has accepted me and shows me more love than my “family” ever did. Be with the ones that love you this holiday season. Not the ones who could care less. Make good memories by leaving the bad behind and looking forward. Love yourself, and love those who love you.

Happy holidays




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