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Big women are beautiful too!!

See this woman? What do you see??? I see a beautiful person. Just because she isn’t a size zero doesn’t mean she isn’t worth anything. It simply means she is unique. Unique is beautiful. If we all looked the same and were the same size…. Ohhh what a boring world this would be. I am starting to realize this more and more. I have been so hard on myself lately. I try and try to lose weight but it just doesn’t happen. Then I just feel sad. I am beginning to understand that what I need to do is love myself and be confident no matter what. You now why? Because I am beautiful…. No matter what. Just like you!  1760c3e16d0c8ab50c3407840513e99f


Who I am…

My name is Charlotte. I am a feminist who believes in equal rights for all. I decided to start blogging to try and make a difference in the way people view the world around them. I would like to see more love in the world. It would be a beautiful thing if we could all accept each others differences and realize that they are what makes the world so wonderful. If we were all the same what a boring life this would be. My blog will show how I view things, my opinions and the opinions of others that I admire or wish to share. I hope you find something wonderful in my posts. Something that might change your opinion of something, make your beliefs stronger or just cause you to smile. 🙂